Hartill 17.806 (Rarity 6) Chun You Tong Bao / Dang Bai large 100 Cash 1241-52 AD


Southern Song Dynasty

Chun You Tong Bao / Dang Bai Large 100 Cash Coin, 1241-1252 AD
Hartill 17.806 (Rarity 6) S-1022-1023

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Reference: Hartill 17.806 (Rarity 6)

Chun You Tong Bao , Large 100 Cash Coin,

Reign title: SHUN-YOU, AD 1241-1252

S-1022-1023, bronze 100 cash.

Obverse: Chun You Tong Bao

Reverse: Dang Bai mark indicating the denomination 100 cash.

Weight: 35.2 grams; Size: 48 mm; Material: Bronze

Emperor LI TSUNG, AD 1225-1264

Not that Schjoth (top of page 40) notes that Li tsung's government was over-burdened with the difficulties of war. This must be considered when interpreting this next series of coins. It might help explain the unusual series S-983-990. Is the stopping iron issues (from S-991 on) related to this war?

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