Hartland Green Dale Evans w/ Horse, Saddle & Hat

Dale Evans was another of my favorite Hartland toys. I received her in the 1950's from my folks. She's original, still has her hat, her horse Buttermilk (I believe that was the horse's name) with original reins and her saddle (brown and fancy), her pistol is gone. I am not an expert on Hartland.. I believe the number is #802 (according to the ' website). Sorry .. the original box is long gone. Dale was played with..as were all my horses.. but I wasn't rough with them so they are in good, used condition considering their age.. A few small marks on Dale and the horse ..maybe it needs a good cleaning.. Buttermilk does need her tail glued back on..To view my childhood line-up of my horse collection including my Hartland pieces..5 total.. please see my Wyatt Earp listing..