Hartland TEST by P Groeber Charcoal Prancing Quarter

Hi All- I have finally decided to let go some of my Hartland sample or test pieces by Paola Groeber.

First of all shipping is $11 and includes priority mail and insurance. PAYPAL is preferred but I'll take money orders. Payment due within 7 days of the close of auction.Shipping w/in the USA only.

Please do not ask if he is Live Show Quality- I have no idea. I do not show my models. I do not know the criteria. I will point out obvious flaws.

This beauty is signed by Paola and signed as a Sample. He is one of one. Signature could not be clearly photographed but i tried. He is from 1990 and I bought him direct from Paola.

Please read the Questions and Answers section to see comments from Paola Groeber- the artist who painted this model and the other dk chestnut/sorrel that I have listed also.