Harvard Classics Complete 52 volume SET Burgundy eds

TheHarvard Classics Complete 52 volume set in the "Burgundy" edition: marbelized endpapers, intricate cover design published 1961-1965 I truly believe you won't find a better set of this edition currently online! Meticulously assembled: almost every single copy is in gorgeous condition
In this case, pictures really are worth thousands of words and so I've taken quite a few and kept them in a large enough format that not only will it take this page a bit longer to load than your typical eBay listing you'll also be able to see much more detail than typically.
Because I don't have a "five foot shelf" or a camera that could accomodate such a shot, the pictures capture different groupings of volumes and I'm not sure if I've "caught" all 52 in the pictures that I've chosen.
You can be assured: these are pictures of the actual books that I am selling (these are not somebody else's pictures!) and the set is complete!
Many, many of the volumes appear as if I were first person to actually open them!
You won't find any foxing on the closed page edges:
I absolutely detest foxing (brown spotting) and painstakingly replaced any volume that had foxing.
And I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say painstaking because I'm sure you know how many different editions the Harvard Classics were published in and so finding
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