Hasbro '68 Mr Potato Head ON THE MOON playset rocket ship space aliens

This set is from the original Hasbro Mr. Potato Head sets were you used fresh vegetables to build your alien potato,onion or cucumber. This is not a complete set ,it is from my childhood and a combo from 2 different sets. But it might help you build your complete sets. It does contain: 3 yellow men's bodies, none are chipped or broken. on one of men the yellow has darkened. Also has and some tape residue. also there is the woman body but the spike is broken off from the top.

also it contains: 2 sets of blue shoes, 1 pair green ladies shoes, 1 pair green alien feet, 2 pairs black shoes, 1 pair black ladies shoes, one extra black shoe. a yellow Hasbro boat with no wheels.

4 noses, 2 blue alien mouths, one pair of alien pop out eyes, the gigantic blue alien eye, 2 pairs of ears plus one extra ear, 3 pairs of hands, 7 little pop out eyes, 3 oval eyes, 3 round eyes,2 pairs of glasses, 4 silver blades, one eyelash, one red mustache missing one spike. The box is not in great shape, the lid has writing on the inside lid and the corners are spilt and a couple of hole. the bottom lid is about the same, 3 corners are spilt and one side has a bend. some of the eyes have faded a bit in color and are not as blue as they once were.

Again they are in pretty good shape and if you need more info or need to see more pictures
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