Hasbro Tonka Remote Control 4 Wheeler ATV Easy Operate

Hasbro Tonka Remote Control 4 Wheeler ATV Easy Operate

For your consideration we have from Hasbro!

It came out in 2002

My son was 5 when I purchased this, He has never been rough with his toys so it's in really good shape. T are just a couple lite nicks on the handelbars and a mark on his helmet, I think they can be seen in the pictures.

It's recommended for children 7 and Up!

Remote Control - Tonka ATV 4 Wheeler

Easy to operate for little children

This toy is so easy to operate Press Start and action is all in the way you hold or turn the handle bars give it gas and make motor sounds by turning the right handlebar grip just like real Motorbikes. Turn handlebars right, it goes right, Tilt them forward, it goes forward, Tilt them up it does a wheelie etc.

I have left the 4 AA batteries in the Handlebars after testing it, but you will need 4 C Batteries for the ATV I didn't have any extras.

I ship the day after payment confirmation if it's not a Sunday or Holiday. Please take into consideration that t is only 8 days till Christmas so I can't guarantee it will get t on time. If you want Express Shipping let me know right away so I can include it in the invoice. Thanks!

I also have a Little Tykes Remote Control Racer listed for children 3 & UP!
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