Haunted Psychic Wealth Spell Doll Blessed By True Gypsy

Hello and welcome, You may have seen some of these dolls on my brothers Ebay site 'sbrodwell' Ebay will only let me list so many dolls at a time so am using my own personal site to sell now for the forseeable future!
I am selling these unusual dolls on behalf of my great-grandmother, Rupa. Rupa passed earlier this year at the grand old age of 103! I am proud to say that she was of true Romanian Gypsy descent! I inherited a few things from my Great-Grandmother, one being a massive collection of dolls!
Rupa mentioned to me shortly before her passing that she had something special to pass to me and that I must do as she wanted. She did not say what but after her death all was revealed. A massive collection of dolls which are blessed with unusual attributes. They are all imbued with true gypsy blessings/spells! With the whole collection were notes pinned to each doll and what spell they had been blessed with. I am now going to begin the mammoth task of listing each and every one as she wished. These range from wealth, love, health, revenge, money, legal, luck and many more spells... She wanted to help as many people as she could and leave her legacy if you like. She believed that many people were born lucky and some not so blessed. That is why she blessed these dolls with her spells. She was a kind, lovely lady who just wanted
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