Haus Dresden Very -Rare China vintage 50s - 21 piece

One of the most stunning tea or coffee service sets you will ever see. Vintage 1950s by what we can determine. This set is near perfect with no visible sign of wear, or use. This is a statement on its own. This set includes: 4 coffee/tea cups, 6 saucers, 6 desert plates, 1 sugar server with lid, 1 creamer, and one coffee/tea pot (probably 8 cup). You can see the Haus Dresden (West Germany) mark on every piece. Ther are no chips, the gold (24K as close as we can determine) designs are visibly superior. T may be a minor blem, but I sure can't see it anyw

This is a set you can serve those special people in your life. Absolutely, amazing considering the age.