belonging to American author Charles M. Newell. Newell, a Bostonian, wrote several romantic novels about the Hawaiian Islands in the late 19th century, including Kalani of Oahu 1881; Kamehameha the Conquering King 1885) and The Voyage of the Fleetwing (1886) and The Isle of Palms 1888. Included in this lot are the following: A star of the Royal Order of Kapiolani housed in its original red leather case, silk lined lid with imprint of the Parisian firm of Kretly. This is technically a "Grand Cross of Order" consisting of a silver Maltese cross with a center red enameled medallion displaying a gold double "K" monogram surrounded by a white enameled banner with "KULIA I KANUU" (Strive to Reach the Summit),a gold portrait of Queen Kapi'olani sits atop the banner. The reverse of the medal is also enameled in red, with a central medallion of two gold "Ks" and a white ribbon banner with a gold "KULIA" with a gold wreath surround. The medal is suspended from a red and yellow striped silk ribbon, lacking its hanger. Three pieces of official correspondence to Newell accompany the medal from the Hawaiian royalty, including a letter in Hawaiian signed by Queen Kapiolani; a July 31, 1886 transmittal ALS from Kapiolani's secretary J.S. Webb; and a congratulatory ALS dated January 14, 1885 from Iolani Palace, signed by Edward Purrie, the Royal ... read more