Name: Cypraea Isabella Controversa (Gray, 1824). Location: North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii. Grade: Gem Minus(both). Size: 30.7&17.1mm. Notes: These Cypraea Isabella Controversa's were self collected on Scuba on a night dive in 25ft on the side of an open ledge in a crack. The male was touching the back of the female. These Isabella's have great markings, larger one is just FAT, rich color and VERY MATURE and heavy with BRILIANT ORANGE TIPS. It was hard to focus on shells with my camera but both have a very clear patterns. Don't let this pair slip through your fingers. Shells will come with a data slip. To my very VALUED International customers, the USPS just RAISED their rates again so anyting over 8oz's is now 22.50, I will do my best to keep it under 8oz's and I will not know for sure until I take it to the Post even though I use a scale at home, if it is less I will refund you the difference right away, so now combining shells will be 22.50. I do send 1st class for U.S. or INTERNATIONAL to save you money and will weigh the box by scale and will charge exactly plus $1.00 for the box, PLEASE disregard the DOLLAR FIGURE to my INTERNATIONAL customers as I had to put a dollar figure into my template and will charge you exactly by weight for 1st class mail, NEW 1ST CLASS INTERNATIONAL RATES WENT UP, if it is 4oz to 8 oz's its 13.50, 9 ... read more