Name: Cypraea(Mauritia)Mauritiana (Linnaeus, 1758). Location: S.E. Shore Oahu, Hawaii. Grade: F++/+++ Size: 105.7mm. Notes: This Cypraea(Mauritia)Mauritiana's was self collected on a night dive 5-7ft crawling on the sidewall of a very large rock formation out in the open. This Humpie is the largest on EBAY BY FAR and has a wonderful purple hued spots over the whole shell which on Humpies from Hawaii have, it is very dark as it was just found, EXTRA HEAVY & Mature, it does have pingage and some scratches overall on the shell but is a BEAUTIFUL piece. You will really appreciate it when you are holding it in your hands. Shell will come with a data slip. To my very VALUED International customers, the USPS just RAISED their rates again so anyting over 8oz's is now 22.50, I will do my best to keep it under 8oz's and I will not know for sure until I take it to the Post even though I use a scale at home, if it is less I will refund you the difference right away, so now combining shells will be 22.50. I do send 1st class for U.S. or INTERNATIONAL to save you money and will weigh the box by scale and will charge exactly plus $1.00 for the box, PLEASE disregard the DOLLAR FIGURE to my INTERNATIONAL customers as I had to put a dollar figure into my template and will charge you exactly by weight for 1st class mail, NEW 1ST CLASS INTERNATIONAL ... read more