Hawaiian Ribbon Square Weave Lei Wood Bead Green White

Aloha to all you Hawaiians and Hawaiians at heart! Giving a lei to someone can mean friendship, love, or just simply Aloha. Special feelings and meanings go into making a lei, especially one that becomes a treasured keepsake. A lei is placed over the recipient's head and worn over the shoulders draped both front and back. The placement of the lei is traditionally followed by a kiss!

There are many opportune times for giving someone a fragrant flower lei. The custom was made internationally famous decades ago when visitors were greeted with lei upon their arrival to the islands. Today, the giving of a lei to someone arriving or departing our islands still continues, and the lei is often kept as a memento of the special memories of the occasion.

The art of lei making has evolved over the years and now it is common to use new materials like ribbon, fabric, wooden beads, mylar, trims, yarn, candy, clay and money.

A lucky eBayer will receive this handcrafted ribbon lei handmade with aloha from the Hawaiian islands. This stunning lei was created using what our designers call a "square weave" technique which requires a combination of weaving, twisting and handstitching satin ribbon that are 1/4 inch in size!!! In addition, this lei is embellished with wooden beads in between weave patterns for a dramatic effect. The
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