Let me tell you about my quilt, This 48 x 58 APPROX, started as a proof of concept quilt. I wanted to do something that combined crazy quilt with yoyo quilt. Every quilt I make has to fit into that 'Hawaiian' quilt category and reflect the contemporary aspect of today. So, this truly makes each quilt a unique one of a kind that checks all three boxes. This quilt consists of twenty blocks, eleven inches each. Each block is a 'mini' quilt in its own right, bound and cross stitched, quilted prints, Hawaiian and other on one side and entirely different on the other. This side quilted, has yoyos between each row. And the reverse side has embroidered hawaiian motifs, iron-on images applique aloha shirts, with hearts in the corners where they join. You have turtles, geckos, parrots, puppy dogs, ukelele, and just embroidered motifs. Zoom in on the fotos, and notice the quilt is trimmed in yoyos all the way around! $150 with shipping $10.00.