Hawkens stock Thompson center blackpowder customized 45 cal

Note to ebay... this is a parts, for parts only auction.

Hawkens45 caliber stock apparently custom made by a gunsmith in Branson Missouri . It was attached to a barrel using a brass wedge. It is gorgeous! The barrel that was removed from this gun measured 7/8" across the flats and was 29" long... When it had the barrel installed the entire thing was 49.5" long.

This stock was removed from a beautiful incredibly accurate custom built gun. It is set up like the Thompson Center for dimensions. Itis clearly like the various Hawkens rifles put out by investa traditions Cabelas etc. Most of the parts interchange. The stock has no brand name or place of origin stamped on it.

There is a small hairline crack shown in the second picture. It did get any worse while I owned that gun even though I shot it extensively with 405 grain conicals. It doesn't hardly even show, and was hard to get a picture of. The last two pictures are a close up trying... it will not affect the function and barely show. I am guessing it has been there right along.

After I researched the gun that originally had this stock... I found out that a gunsmith named Grimes was at Silver Dollar city in Branson , Mo ,in the 60's and 70's. He put together his own custom guns using various parts... from where-ever and fine tuned them. . . selling
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