Hawkwood Flying V Guitar

Hawkwood V shape Guitar. Hand-built in the wilds of East Anglia by Stephen White (who has maintained and serviced musical instruments and equipment for the likes of Uriah Heep and Suzi Quattro).
Where, in my opinion, this guitar scores above a Gibson or the majority of other flying V guitars is that where Gibson use a glued on neck construction, this utilises a straight through neck (i.e. the neck and the guitar body are part of the same piece of wood) which enhances sustain and the overall strength of the instrument.
As a result of my impending wedding and a need to thin my forest of guitars, you have the chance to pick up this guitar at a bargain price.
the spec is as follows:-
6 String 24 frets.

Mahogany body with book-matched Ash top - oiled natural finish.

The body has been shaped to allow easy access to the top frets and has an action well suited to those of you who wish to maximise their widdly widdlies

Rosewood fretboard with fabulous low action and Parua Shell dot and side markers .

Neck is a 3 piece laminate of Maple and Walnut-

Real bone and brass combination top nut.

Straight through neck construction provides excellent sustain.

Fitted with a single humbucking bridge pickup for those of you who despise Jazz and Country. Verily it doth rawk!!

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