Description of Set:

This is a set of 10 brand new postcards. These show filming locations for the movie in the title, with photos showing how the locations looked back then compared with how they look now ** NOTE: THESE DO NOT COME FRAMED, THEY ARE DISPLAYED LIKE THIS IN THE AUCTION PICTURE TO PROMOTE THEIR QUALITY.

Each card measures approximately 6"x4".

Each card has a space for a stamp on the reverse, with all other standard postcard back features. Although the cards are designed for collecting and display purposes, they can infact be used individually if required in the UK postal system.

Uses of Set:

Most buyers like to frame the cards, note we do not supply frames (approx size required is 20"x16"), or insert them into a standard postcard or photo album. They make a very unusual, and inexpensive gift for any fan of the subject.

Postal Charges:

Note: We will combine postage if you buy more than one set from us. We do not try to gain financial advantage through postage charges, our rates are accurate, and simply reflect the actual cost, plus a little addition for the cost of envelopes, packaging etc.