Hazel the Hippo Stuffed Chair from Babystyle

That's one hip hippo!

Happy and hilarious, Hazel the Hippopotamus would love to be your little one's new best friend.

Hazel does triple-duty as a charming piece of nursery decor when baby's little, a cozy seat for kids who are walking, and a terrific tea-party guest for any age! She's one of our favorite gifts to give and receive.

Don't be fooled by the copycats out t - our Original Stuffed Chairs are sweeter, stronger and infinitely more cuddly (and cost a whole lot less!).

How big is it? Hazel is approximately 26 by 24 by 21 inches.

Age Range: Always appropriate as a fun piece of nursery decor! As a toy/chair, this product is appropriate for children who are walking.

FYI: While cute, the backrest on this seat is not intended to support the full weight of a reclining child.

New in box.

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