HEAD Intelligence i.x11 tennis racket racquet

Nice Head Intelligence i.x11 tennis racquet, oversize frame, 4 1/4 no. 2 grip, frame is in xlnt condition, hardly any wear. Here are stats and a consumer review from :
The HEAD i.X11 is excellent! I previously used a Ti S6 (now it's my back-up in case I break a string). The TiS6 has great control, outstanding "feel" with above average power. The i.X11 goes beyond the S6 in all aspects with the most notable being the power. The trade-off is less control but only slightly. Like most of the new Head racquets the i.X11 is very light (7.9 oz unstrung)yet it seems a little head heavy which is probably due to the weight distribution. The swing style for this racquet is rated as S11 which is for players with short compact swing styles. I find this rating system somewhat puzzling because if my shot is rushed I certainly use a short, fast swing, but if I have the time to set up I'll use a bigger longer back swing to unload! With this in mind I wonder how much stock to put into this type of rating. Head touts the new technology of piezoelectric fibers in the Intellegience models which I understand based upon their explanation. The way I see it is that if it makes the ball go faster that's all I need to know. If you like the HEAD Ti racquets you'll most likely enjoy using the i.X11.
Technology: Intelligence X
Beam: Box PowerFrame,
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