Headrest Cushion Backplate for ACES II Ejection Seat

Offered for auction is one original Headrest Cushion Backplate part, used exclusively on the USAF ACES II series Ejection Seat.

This Headrest Cushion Backplate is the part that bolts onto the ejection seat's two headrest panel posts, which are situated at the upper front seat area, in front of the parachute container assembly.

This Headrest Cushion Backplate is in used, very good condition, and displays the entire intact backplate (painted gray), with the two thin, foam cushion panels (gray colored) still fully attached and intact. The part numbers are clearly stamped on the back.

This ejection seat part is in very good overall condition, and s hows no damage or abuse, and is fully ready to mount on an ACES II display ejection seat.

Please note that only the backplate part is being offered in this auction, with no attaching hardware being included.

This item is sold only as a collectible item, and no inferrence is made to imply any actual serviceable status, and that it could be used for flight or operational use.

This is a rarely seen component of the USAF ACES II ejection seat, and would be perfect to add to, or upgrade, your display ACES II ejection seat.

Good luck bidding, and please contact me with any questions. I gladly accept both U.S. and International bids.
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