HEAR NORTHERN Timi Yuro - Insult to injury

HEAR NORTHERN Timi Yuro - Insult to injury

Timi Yuro - Liberty 55552 - Insult to injury b/w Just about the time. A (VG+) stock copy, b-side is (VG).


Hear It!


Near Mint - Perfect, no flaws, you'll never look for an upgrade.
Mint Minus (M-) - Very insignificant marks and flaws, certainly wouldn't affect play.
Very Good Plus (VG+) - More noticeable scuffs and marks, still wouldn't be audibly detectable, still a really nice record.
Very Good (VG) - My (VG) will still be a decent record with some shine left to it, will likely have light surface scratches which may or may not be audibly detectable, noise would definitely not be overwhelming or perhaps even noticeable.
Very Good Minus (VG-) - Will have noticeable wear but has some shine left. Should play with light noise, if any.
Used - This includes grades down to FAIR/GOOD. My "USED" record is typically ugly but playable, and defects are not noted. These 45's will serve as good player copies. I listen to a part of all "USED" records and if it seems that there is a noticeable noise I'll grade as "NOISY". Shipping United States Postage First Class - 2 to 7 Days
Shipping charge for US destinations is $3.00 for the first record and 50 cents for each additional.
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