HEAR IT Rocker 45 rpm Dale & Country Squires from 60's

NOTE: This is an obscure local release from Racine, Wisconsin.

This is a vintage original pressing rocker 45 rpm record CLUB 93 705 by Dale and the Country Squires from the early 1960’s in GOOD (G) CONDITION. This grade is based more on the appearance of the vinyl as the sound quality is actually better than this grade would suggest. A little shine still left but the vinyl has some light surface scuffs and scratches, some of which contribute a few light There may be some light, tolerable background noise that is noticeable but not too distracting. See below for more details on this grade and listen to the song samples as they were recorded directly from this record. Labels are in very good condition with some light surface wear. See photos below.

Song samples were recorded directly from the actual record described above. These samples are provided to give an idea of the songs and hopefully give an indication of the quality and condition of the record. Every effort was made to capture the sound faithfully, including any imperfections, without any filtering, equalization, or other enhancement.

GRADING: All records are from my personal collection, duplicates from my trader box, or recent acquisitions, and are original pressings unless noted. Records have been carefully cleaned and label stickers

M or M- means PERFECT or NEAR PERFECT . Looks and plays like new, or perhaps just a hint of use or handling. No imperfections and no surface noise. If it looks like is was used or there is some background noise, it is not mint.

VG+ means EXCELLENT . Played, stored, and handled carefully. Sound quality is easily good enough to record. Negligible background noise. Recorded music and vocals are crisp and clear with no distortion. Only a few small surface scuffs, and maybe a couple of very light, small, surface, hairline scratches, neither of which cause any noise. Vinyl is shiny, almost like new.

VG means VERY GOOD . Barely noticeable, uniform background noise, that is well below the level of the music and certainly not distracting. Music is still clear with very little distortion, if any. A few noticeable surface scuffs and scratches that may contribute just slightly to noise. Possibly a few isolated light May still be recordable, but some light, non-distracting background noise could be detected on the recording. A majority of shine still left on the vinyl.

G = GOOD . GOOD does NOT mean bad. Still a worthy addition to a collection. Noticeable background noise that may not be uniform and is approaching the level of the music. Music clarity may be fading and some distortion may becoming obvious. Several obvious scuffs and scratches, some of which may contribute to noise, such as Vinyl has lost some of its sheen.

P or F = POOR or FAIR . Looks bad and probably plays badly. No skips, but certainly noisy. Many obvious scuffs and scratches that contribute to noise and are probably distracting. Vinyl has lost most or all of its sheen. I will generally only list rarer items in this condition.

Any other defects, such as label tears, stickers, tape, wear, etc. will be noted individually and hopefully will be obvious in the photo.

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