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This CW Kelenj 500 SD heart rate monitor features a watch, a chest strap and a speed sensor to be placed on your shoe.
If you play sport regularly or would like to step up your training, the CW Kalemji 500 SD heart rate monitor is made for you. With its accelerometer sensor which you attach to your shoe, this product will optimize your physiological performances using speed data and information on the distance you cover when running.
the watch is designed to be worn on the wrist or placed on a bicycle holder during various sporting, physical activities in a temperate climate. It can be used to view various items of functions and activate the function such as stop watch the chest strap must be positioned around your thorax (chest). When correctly placed, it sends heart rate information to the watch. The watch will display your heart rate and offer various additional items of information (target zone, exercise intensity etc.) in order to optimize your fitness or training programme. The chest strap has a coded digital transmitter designed to avoid interference with other users.
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