Heathkit AR-15/AR-13A/Part List/AR-1500 Repair Notes

This Guide Could Hold The Information You've Been Looking For!

About Our Repair Notes:

These are the repair notes of a master repair tech with over 40 years of experience repairing, optimizing, and modifying the best gear on the planet.

When a piece of equipment came in for repair for the first time, he took detailed notes about the repairs and modifications needed. First, the problem or complaint was listed. Then, after the repair was made, he would list the details of the repair, along with any drawings, charts, component values, voltage requirements, and any other information that he wanted to save for the next time he worked on the same piece of gear. Many times a note about a modification or other tips were listed as well. These notes were carefully cataloged and each time the same model came in for repair, new information was added.

Some of these repair notes fill a dozen pages or more. Some guides may only have a few pages with less information, but I believe that each one of these guides will be money well spent.

I have priced each set of note at $18.99 or less, depending on the amount on information they hold.

About THESE Repair Notes:

These repair notes give practical repair insight into the Heathkit AR-15 AM/FM receiver, the AR-13A AM/FM Stereo Receiver, a
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