Heathkit GC-1005 7-Seg Clock Display Babcock SP-352 Nixie Tube Digits.

Three Sperry (Beckman) SP-352 two-digit gas discharge displays for sale. My Heath clock finally stopped after many years, so I'm selling the parts & pieces. These are the original well-used flat-panel displays. These units are no longer manufactured and are hard to come buy. No guarantee other than they were working when the clock finally stopped. These chould be used for spares or for testing purposes, and could last another 30 years.

is the spec sheet on these displays: /sites/nixie/data/sp-352/sp-352.htm .

is a short list of electronic scopes, meter, etc. using the same SP-352 plasma display:

"Used in B&K 282 DMM, Data Precision 3500 VOM, ESE ES-124L clock, Heathkit GC-1005, GC-1092A & GC-2005 clocks, and Heathkit HW-104, SB-104 & SB-104A radio transceivers".

Look for these items for sale or salvage and you have a source for the socket pins or complete sockets.