Heathkit Guitar Amp.

This amp was given to me by a friend, It was missing speakers and its history was unknown. I went through the entire amp, Changing the power cord to a modern long, short blade(neutral) correct for safety. The power supply circuit has a reverse polarity switch on the ON/OFF this is the way they controlled hum back in the day when the polarity could change just by the way you plugged in the amp. I left this as is to be vintage correct. As well I changed all the electrolytic capacitors again for safety all to the same value. Installed 2 new Celestion 12 inch speakers.
The amp works, It has a real great Hendrix type sound. but the trem. circuit doesn't work, It needs a component that isn't made any more. I guess people have improvised other things to make it work. The reverb as well is not working, don't know why but I am sure is can be fixed.
It comes with the reverb and trem pedals.