Heavy Back Disston No.4 Ultra Fine 14PPI Carcass/Back Saw Hand Filed & Tuned Up!

Another Offering By Old Saws Restored

No B.S. Just Good Saws.

A shameless plug that was originally posted on Sawmill Creek/Neanderthal Haven, with Glen's permission of course.

"I have experience with three names mentioned in the post & replies. I highly recommend Daryl Weir and Mark at Bad Axe. Not only do they sharpen and tune saws well, they say what they mean, and do what they say. If they say it will take a week, it will take a week, not two.

I have restored a lot of tools and have hired good help over the years to accomplish the work. There are some who's work was very good, however their word was not... and I waited and waited. Daryl and Mark have great work ethics, and get the work done and out the door with excellent workmanship (you will not be dissapointed). Daryl and Mark are also very personable and will take the time to talk to you explaining what they will do and why.

I own quite a few hand saws, I don't use most of them. My favorites I use a lot are old (a Disston backsaw, panel saw; and a Bishop backsaw) and Daryl tuned and sharpened all three of them. There is something in those old saw plates the new ones don't have, I can't explain it, but I can feel it when I cut with them.

Good Luck with the new saw, it looks like a keeper!"

Glen Koopmans

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