Heavy European Gold 27 Charm Bracelet

Hard to describe this lovely antique bracelet, which I purchased in England, after my husband said I couldn't have it!!!except to say, it is thick heavy 375 (9ct Gold) with every one of the 27 charms individually stamped, and could easily be dated from the hallmarks. (I have not done this)The heavy curb link bravelet has the traditional English Gold Padlock closure. There is the Coronation Coach, Houses of Pariament, wedding Set etc etc (well 27!!)This is very unique, and very large,and heavy. Punch and Judy move with a lever, wheels on the Coach move, some of the charms are hinged and they open. It is 8 inches long, and the bracelet which the charms are attached to is over 1/4 inch wide. The bracelet weighs 117.7 grams. (sorry the price on this item is firm)The lady I purchased it from was going to take the charms off (Yeek!!) and sell them individually, and so make more money!! I have had the bracelet cleaned, and if you would like more pictures, please email me.
1 Heart shaped gold padlock that holds the bracelet closed
1 Champagne Winebottle
1 Elephant
1 Poodle Dog
1 Church that opens up
1 Little Piggy
1 Hinged Knights Helmet that opens
1 Organgrinders hinged push cart that opens
1 Car Limousine, wheels go around
1 Claw hand holding glass ball
1 Covered Wagon that opens
2 Wedding
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