Heavy Gold Masonic Pendant Watch Fob Ball Opens a Cross

This beautiful watch fob appears to be a little gumball size gold ball. The craftsmanship of the ball is remarkable - as it is hinged with hidden hinges - and opens ingeniously - to reveal six silver four-sided pyramids that form a cross. Each of the 24 sides of the pyramids is engraved with a Masonic symbol. The eye, a gavel, skull, star, protractor, open book - some with which I am unfamiliar - but t are 24 different symbols. The outside of the ball - including those wonderful hinged arms and the hinges themselves - are gold - I guarantee it although t is no mark. The inside is also unmarked but guaranteed silver. A piece the same as this sold recently on ebay and was listed as 9 ct. gold. My reserve is no w near what that piece sold for. The chain also shows remarkable workmanship. The ball is solid gold - the chain is gold plated. The ball is as I said - the size of a small gumball - ½ inch in diameter. When the ball is opened into the cross - it is 1 ¼ inches tall and one inch across. The large chain - including the clasp - is 10 ½ inches long. The small chain - on the clover - is two inches long. The tie bar is 1-¾ inches across.

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