4 Rare Heavy Industrial LSI Processor Scrap Gold CPU Recovery Vintage Collect

Up for auction we have a very nice 4 chip auction. Now these Large LSI lunker processors could potentially hold some good times in the lab. I'm certainly no refiner, but when these chips fall into the right hands I know they will be able to pull out all the gold from these beauties. Weighing in at 10 ounces there appears to be lots of healthy pins that like the flu can give a person the fever... I had the fever once... thankfully I was able to pull out in time. I lost a lot because I didn't have the right knowledge or the proper tools. Well I know the winning niche refiner will. Just know this... any niche refiner will be able to extract more gold than I can. Hopefully an extra car note payment or two. Who knows??? Good luck bidding refiners. Sold as is for scrap gold CPU processor recovery or vintage chip collect. Sorry no returns. Happy e-prospecting.