Heavy Metal Magazine lot of 39 dated from the 80's to early 2000's see list

I am not a comic person so I cannot grade this magazines. Some of the older ones are in sleaves. None are ripped and the bindings are tight. However, many have a bend or warp on the corners. There are probably a few that are collector worthy, but my personal opinon is that this lot should go to someone who likes the magazine. Please not, just because they are in plastic does not mean they are in excellent condition, but it does mean they are flat. July 1977 in plastic April 1977 featuring an excerpt from The Sword of Shannara IND36587 in plastic September 1978 IND36587 in plastic July 1978 IND 36587 in plastic April 1979 Second Anniversary Issue IND36587 in plastic October 1981 WPS36587in plastic July 1982 Exclusive Feature: Ridley Scott's Blade Funner! WPS36587 in plastic July 1982 WPS36587 in plastic September 1982 WPS36587 in plastic December 1985 The last issue before the new ... heavy metal Collectors Item in WPS36587plastic July 1989 Hot Romance and Fast Adventure in the Return of Dieter Lumpen! WPS36587 July 1992 Biran Bolland! Simon Bisley! Fernando Rubio! WPS 36587 in plastic March 1993 "Ramparts of Spray" and "Melting Pot" WPS36587 November 1993 Schultheiss! Vince's "Eden"! WPS36587 1994 Special Issue Heavy Metal Greatest Hits WPS38340 March 1994 Corben! Burton & Cyb! WPS 36587 1995 Sepcial Issue Heavy Metal Havoc WPS3 ... read more