New Hebrides KGVI Colln complete inc PD's fine LHM/MNH

Stamps of Distinction

For those elusive, scarce and rare items
of World Philately

OLD KID ON THE BLOCK ? You could say that. STAMPS OF DISTINCTION is the eBay trading name of Howard Myers of LEEDS (with 40 years involvement in the international stamp trade). STAMPS OF DISTINCTION offers regular and varied philatelic material - GB, Commonwealth as well as Overseas countries. An increasing number of 3rd party consignments are now being handled. We offer an efficient but friendly service as our feedback history shows. The Herriot Collection We have been instructed to sell an outstanding mint collection of GREAT BRITAIN, BRITISH COLONIES AND EUROPE, the property of a gentleman in North Yorkshire. The collection is replete with classic, rare and elusive items, and is teeming with high values and scarce material from the 19th & 20th Centuries. . The collection will be offered on eBay in attractive auction lots - single items, sets, groups and collections - over the next few weeks. Whether you spend thousands or more modest amounts, we are confident you will find many lots to interest you. the current SoD auctions LOW START AND NO RESERVE AUCTIONS
The majority of items will be offered without reserve - usually starting at a nominal 1 cent . UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY
Collections of this depth, breadth and quality
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