Heck of a Sluice" w/Keene riffle mat! For Fine Gold


3rd picture show what was recovered from 1/3 a bucket of black sand that had already been panned!

Watch video here: /watch?v=0AZy66ZXPDU

Instructions included.

This i s a light-weight, (3) Three STAGE sluice, which can be used to separate Black Sand and fine Gold from your concentrates after you'd Panned, Dredged, High Banked, and Dry Washed. It can be mounted to the output side (in place of the cup) of the Gold Wheel and/or attached to a five-gallon bucket or tub.

Water flows, using a bilge pump or garden hose hook up to city water , includes a 90-degree elbow, which makes attachment to the water hose more flexible at any position.

Designed so that there is even water distribution. with flow valve to adjust the flow through the sluice

The FIRST STAGE occurs when small amounts of concentrate is added to water in the mixing area, which is located above the Keene Molded ribbed rubber matting.

The SECOND STAGE the mixture of concentrate and water then flows over the Keene Molded ribbed rubber mat catching the Gold . Small nuggets, pickers and flakes can now be collected from the ribbed rubber mat using a Snuffle Bottle.

The THIRD STAGE the remaining concentrate continues down to the ribbed carpet area, which is topped with a diamond shaped
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