This auction is for a HEINEKEN "SPECIAL EDITION" MAGNUM EMPTY BEER BOTTLE. It stands about 20 inches tall and 17 inches around the center part. It once held 3 Liters of beer until I got a hold of it. Includes the box that it came in , cork and Heineken cap . All are in excellent condition . It is big and heavy and is a great conversation piece for any home bar. If you collect Heineken stuff this bottle is a must have. You can also use it as a Dime bank because only dimes will fit through the opening. I am not sure about other coins from other countries. Because of its weight and physical shape, it would make a great "TABLE LAMP" , that's right I said a "TABLE LAMP" . A lamp making kit can be purchased at your local Home Depot store for about $10 along with a glass piercing drill bit for about $6 to make a hole for the electric cord. You can use any lampshade you desire. I have even seen beer logo lampshades on the Internet. I have seen one or two of these lamps around and they are selling for over $200. I have included a sample picture as an example of a finished lamp below. I don't have the time or patience to take on such a project or I would. If you are the kind of person that is handy with this type of work and have the time, the possibilities are almost unlimited. THIS IS A large great looking EMPTY BOTTLE , but with a little ... read more