Heisey Ashtray & Cigarette Holder Moongleam Marked <H>

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Heisey Ashtray & Cigarette Holder Moongleam Marked

Lovely Heavy Glass Heisey Ashtray & Cigarette Holder Marked - Moongleam

The Heisey Ashtray & Cigarette Holder is 2 1/2 inches high by 5 1/2 inches long.


Nice condition. You must look very very hard to find the one possible small chip. There are lots of square corners to be chipped but there is but one, and that may be from the factory. At the low end where a cigarette would rest, one corner is "chipped" but the edges are rounded which leads me to believe that this was done at the factory. Possibly when removed from the mold, a tiny bit of glass stayed in the mold. Otherwise this Heisey treasure is unblemished - no damage - no chips or cracks. There are no wear marks on the bottom. Possible the original owner never used the ashtray.

Nice Shape & Beautiful Green Moongleam Color

Unique Design with the Heisey Markers Mark on the bottom a nice Heisey treasure.

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