Heisey Juice Glasses Sahara Yellow Glass Ambassador Etch 6 pcs

Heisey Juice Glasses Sahara Yellow Glass Ambassador Etch 6 pcs

Nobody makes glass beautiful like Heisey and here are six of Heisey's quite handsome juice glasses. With an elegantly beaded foot, Heisey famous Sahara yellow glass color, optic ribbed sides and lovely Ambassador etchings, these are some of Heisey's and surely the world's finest juice glasses.

These juice glasses are so handsome that you will surely find more occasions to use them than just for breakfast. But if not, those holiday breakfasts will be even more special for family and friends with these lovely glasses.

So bring Heisey's renown elegance of the early 20th Century to your 21st Century dining table.

T he six handsome juice glasses are 4 1/2 inches high by 2 1/2 inches wide.

Condition :
F ive of the wine glasses are without damage - no chips or cracks. One of the juice glasses has a minor chips on the upper rim. There is no other damage to this glass. The insides of all six glasses are clean free of residue.

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