Heisey Puff Box Large - Colonial - H - Nice!

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Heisey Puff Box Large - Colonial - H - Nice!

Made by Heisey a long long time ago, is the beautiful heavy crystal Colonial Puff Box. Heisey certainly had the "touch" when it came to beautiful clear heavy crystal pieces.

In the center of the bottom is the trademark Heisey maker's mark diamond H's. The trademark is easily readable.

The heavy crystal Puff Box is 2 3/4 inches high by 6 1/4 inches wide.


Nice not mint but nice! The only thing that tells me that the original owner used for the last 70 or 80 years, are minor wear marks on the bottom. T are some small scratches and tiny rough spots or flea bites. Otherwise, the top rim is smooth free of chips or cracks. The inside is clean free of residue. The glass is Heisey bright and clear. On the ribbed sides, I find no chips or rough spots.

Considering that the Puff Box is 70 to 80 years of age, this is a wonder Heisey treasure.

Heisey Nice!

"Full of courtesie, full of craft." Quote from Benjamin Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanac 1735.

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