Heisey ROSE Etch Candy Dish Bottom w/Seahorse Handles

Heisey Glass Co's ROSE dinnerware pattern candy dish bottom is 5 1/4" tall to the top of the rim, and it's 5" in diameter, also at the upper rim. It's made from a bright crystal glass and has all of it's detail molded in. It rests on a round flat pedestal foot, clear and plain with a smooth and even outer edge. It has a solid ball stem with scrolls and some dots decorating it, it's the Waverley blank, and then the bowl rests atop that, it has a flat bottom with sides that are pretty much straight, and it tapers out right at the top. T's a little ledge inside the upper rim for the lid to rest on, and the outer edge is scalloped and also has some little balls in groups of three. On either side of the bowl is a seahorse shaped handle with the head and curled tail facing outwards, and the Rose pattern has been etched on the outside, a single large open rose surrounded by leaves and stems and two smaller buds. The piece is not marked anyw that I can find, and I'll guarantee it's authenticity and satisfaction. I've used the 'Elegant Glassware Of The Depression Era' by Florence to help a bit with the ID, I have the 9th
edition. The pattern is shown on pages 167 & 168, and it was produced from 1949 until 1957. I have just the bottom, no lid, so if you have a lid, this is the one you need. The piece is mint, t's not a scratch on it.
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