Helb Railroad American Combined Level And Grade Finder

I had to google this to find out what all the stuff in it was. The brass piece on top has The American Combined Level And Grade Finder on it plus Patented And Manufactured By Edward Helb Railroad PA. The level is wood and brass and is nearly 2 feet long, 3.5" tall and 1.5" thick. It has a compass, plumb, inclinometer, horizontal bubble and sighting level. T's a hole (brass around it & glass covered - see photo) on one end and another brass framed & glass covered hole on the top. When you look through the top you can see 2 little round wires and through to the end window. What you do with that I haven't a clue. The compass is covered with glass. The large round brass framed dial in the front has 4 circles of numbers and a pointer. This thing is printed with The American Combined Level And Grade Finder - Manufactured Edward Kelb Railroad York Co PA and US & Canadian patents of 1904 and it also has Patent Applied For Great Britain. I think it might be missing 2 bubble levels (t's only one & it looks like t are places for 3). Above the empty place (which is a groove) is a brass plate that has Adjustable Screw stamped on it. The other round plate with adjustable screw on it has a brass holder for a glass level under it. All the brass can be screwed off. The plate over the compass is missing 2 brass screws. The glass in ... read more