Heli Blade Balancer Package by Xtreme, Ships from US, East Coast

This is a special package we put together, they are both included with this Auction, We have priced this set to sell
Magnetic Blade Balancer Base (Silver)Model: EA-038-S Manufactured by: Xtreme Production
Model: EA-038-A
Shipping Weight: 20grams
Manufactured by: Xtreme Production
With the rotor blade balancer you can balance the main blades.
2 types of screws pair provided, 1.0mm and 2.0mm.
Suitable to use with micro blades such as, Esky Lama v3, v4, Walkera CB100, 4#3B, etc.
Simply mount the blades using the supplied screws and either hold at the grips or put on a flat surface to indicate balance state.
Apply tape on lighter blade to achieve a perfect balance.
Make use of the Magnetic Float, it minimize friction and achieve best and finest results