Heli-Max Kinetic 50 3D Helicopter Heli Extreme 3D Nitro

This is a new heli, full mounted carefully, 100% complete, just need you add your own electronic, engine and install the main blades(new in bag) all linkage calibrated well by expert helicopter modeler, question? welcome

I am going to remove the tail and skid to ship.

From smooth & stable to extreme maneuvers!
Even a beginner can get into heli flying with this impressive model — and experienced pilots will really appreciate the Kinetic 50 ARF's 3-D aerobatic capabilities, right out of the box. Compare features, price point, parts availability and aftermarket support, and you'll see that the Kinetic 50 has it all over the competition.
Large dimensions make the Kinetic 50 easy to track and very stable when hovering.

Can be flown outside in virtually any wind conditions.

Nitro power offers long flight times, quick re-fueling and consistent power

REQUIRES: Radio: 6-channel heli w/four standard ball bearing servos
Tail Servo: High speed and high torque servo for tail (if gyro does not include servo)
Receiver Battery: 4.8V (2000mAh minimum) HCAM6321 Gyro: Heading hold
Engine: .46 - .51 cu in (7.5 - 8.0cc) heli engine, OSMG1951
Muffler: Century Silent Power .50 (CEHG3038)
Building and field equipment
Rotor Diameter: 52.75" (1340
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