HeliArtist 500D Silver Black (500 Size)

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Heli Artist Scale Fuselages – Scale Excitement & Realism Brought to Life! Looking for a scale fuselage to set your helicopter apart from all others? Heli Artist’s full line of exciting scale fuselages has everything you are looking for in scale realism, and offers multiple models of fuselages for a range of helicopters, big and small.

Utilizing high quality molded fiberglass & automotive quality paint, Heli Artist brings scale realism to life with amazing detail & finish. Adding special touches to each fuselage, Heli Artist draws from true life helicopters, adding scale detail modelers can appreciate with fine detail that will surely thrill in flight.

Making scale flight easier is Heli Artist’s magnetic hatches, allowing easy & instant battery access for fuss free adjustments & battery changes. With magnetic hatches, helicopter access is simple & easy, and requires no special tools, allowing you to simply enjoy your flight without the fuss & bother of disassembling the canopy when access is needed.

Heli Artist brings true scale to life with this stunning rendition of the McDonnell Douglas MD500D. Formerly known as the “Hughes 500,” the MD500D has
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