Hell Dorado Demons Infernal Crusher Metal Miniatures MINT

Hell Dorado is a tactical skirmish miniature game where players choose a company of models to battle enemy factions on the most brutal battleground imaginable, the realms of Hell! Choose your faction from either the Western powers, the devout Saracens, Immortals from the far East, the Demons under Lucifer, the Lost demons who deny Lucifer's tyranny, or the ruthless Mercenaries willing to work for anyone with the gold to buy their swords and souls.

… and then I beheld it as it lumbered forward through the throngs of its lesser brethren, a hulking nightmare of flesh, rock, and metal. It was as if the parts of multiple people, and other unidentifiable creatures, had been fused within a blacksmith’s forge. The demons had come out of nowhere and attacked the small settlement that my companions and I had taken shelter in for the night. Poor Robert was viciously cut down by the brute as he tried to reach the shack we were holding out in.

Mint in Box un-painted and un-assembled metal miniatures.

Mint Product from Cipher Studios, Buyer pays actual P/H. I accept payment in US funds via

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