The Hell Drivers
Deliver Rock Heaven
When the Hell Drivers play, one realizes how long the sound has been away.
Even though two of the members of this band are somewhat legendary — Jim McCarty and Johnny “Bee” Badanjek — the sound their pedigrees bring to bear in the Hell Drivers is both as familiar as an old troublemaking friend, and new and fresh as anything currently coming out of mainstream music.
In other words, it’s that classic Detroit sound, found in the history of its members made new again — fresh, alive and driving.
“Other bands out there may have our energy but not our history,” explains McCarty. “And some of the other classic acts out there may have our history … but not our energy.”
No one makes music like this anymore. McCarty — along with band mates Bee on drums, veteran local vocalist Jim Edwards, bassist Marvin Conrad and keyboardist Danny Taylor — also drive home the point that no band could make music like this, but them.
Growing up in Detroit, McCarty and Bee were “fixed up” by their fathers, who were friends. The elder McCarty and Badanjek discovered their sons, who were close in age, both enjoyed playing music and thought it would be nice to get them together … and they’ve been together ever since, representing one of the great unsung rock partnerships. They began playing

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