Hellraiser Puzzle Box Schematics pinhead Cenobite Mint

The auction is for a set of six schematic sheets of the Hellraiser puzzle box that was based on the creation of Philip LeMarchand Lament configuration puzzle box that lead to and inspired the creation of the movie Hellraiser.

The six sheets contain the following information and diagrams:

*A set of diagrams showing the exact finger movement need to open the box.

*A template of all six sides of the puzzle box that are very detail so that you could even use them to help you create your own puzzle box.

*The completed Enginner puzzle silved diagram that shows the box in the solved position.

*Three descriptive breakdowns of the main three Intaglio faces of the Lament Configuration Puzzle Box(Priapus,Amaimon and Serat) that give the meaning of the various inscriptions and symbols covering the boxe's surface,which are extremly detailed,intricate and complex that incorporate various beliefs and excerpts from ancient cultures around the world including definitions in Arabic,Egyptian,Hebrew,Italian,Indian,Greek,Latin and German.

The schematics are printed on 8.5 by 11 inch Antique Parchment Paper and will make a great addition to any Hellraiser fans collection.You can lamenate,frame,and study the pages to help you in your own creation of the box.

A great gift for any Horror movie fan.A real conversation
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