This BRAND NEW, CULT CD from Florida Deathrash legends, HELLWITCH, was released on DISPLEASED Records in 2009. This CD was autographed by founding member PATRICK RANIERI! CD comes with BIG booklet featuring MANY NEVER BEFORE SEEN photos of the band, rare fliers and all new liner notes by PAT! CD contains 19 TRACKS including ALL PRE-SYZYGIAL DEMOS! BRAND NEW, NEVER PLAYED!!! CASH, M.O, CASHIER'S CHECK, AND PAYPAL ALL ACCEPTED!!!! KILLKILLKILL!! (Bidders with recent negative feedback not considered!)


Syzygial Miscreancy LP '90:
1. The Ascent
2. Nosferatu
3. Viral Exogence
4. Sentient Transmography
5. Mordirivial Dissemination
6. Pyrophoric Seizure
7. Purveyor of Fear
Transgressive Sentience demo '86:
8. Nosferatu
9. Satan's Wrath
10. Torture Chamber
11. Fate at Pain's End
Mordirivial Disemanation demo '87:
12. Degeneration
13. Nosferatu
14. Purveyor of Fear
15. Pyrophoric Seizure
Rehearsal/demo '89:
16. Archangel (Death cover)
17. Mordirivial Disemanation
18. Viral Exogence
Nosferatu demo '84:
19. Nosferatu