Helmar Brewing Co. Cabinet #3 Bissonette, Del .305 ave, sad end New York Giants


This is a recent, hand-made art card by HELMAR. If you are unfamiliar with Helmar, please read the full description. You may enjoy our blog, helmarblog.com; our Facebook page, The Helmar Baseball Art Card Company; or our website, Helmarbrewing.com.

Card # 3 Helmar Cabinet Player Position Team Del Bissonette Portrait New York Giants Top Auction Price Total Sold Avg # Bids Avg # Bidders Last Sold $28.70 17 5 3 September 29, 2015

Del Bissonette - Born Adelphia Louis Bissonette on September 6, 1899 in Winthrop, later changing his name to Del Bissonette. Del was an outstanding left-handed hitting first baseman, having batted .381 in 1925 for the class A York ballclub of the New York-Penn league. Brooklyn bought him and farmed Bissinette out to Rochester and then Jersey City during the 1926 season. 1927 was a breakthrough year for Bissonette, playing for the AA Buffalo Bisons of the International League, Del batted .367 and led the International League in: runs scored (168), hits (229), doubles (46), triples (20), home runs (31) and 167 RBI. The next year Bissonette was 28 years old when he made his major league debut on April 11,1928 for the Brooklyn Robins. Bissonette continuing his excellent hitting with a .320 batting average and a Brooklyn rookie record 25 home runs in 155 games. In 1929, Bissonette suffered from the

The poses chosen, and treatment of them, try to capture the essence of cabinet photography from the 19th Century and early 20th Century. Sometimes the colors we use transcend that era, verging into Pop Art. The writing on the images mimics a photographer scratching on his glass plate to identify their camera's subject. Many collectors love these cards. Currently, Helmar Cabinet consists of 41 cards at a size of 6" x 3.625".

Helmar cards are printed on paper stock consistent with the most treasured card sets of the late 19th century, and early 20th century. Our cards are hand-distressed and treated, to give them a worn, well-loved look and feel, and a fresh, unique scent. We've hit a homer if it seems as if you are holding a vintage card in your hands.

All the original art is painted by our team. You won't find it anywhere else. Our graphic artists choose the perfect poses and colors. We spend almost as much time creating the backs of the cards as the fronts. For our cards that display player information on the backs, our writers strive to create descriptions that transport you to the time of the player's career. Everything we do is a time-gobbling labor of baseball-card love.

Helmar cards are not available in full sets. We generally offer a few different cards from each series each week. Since each card is handmade, no two look exactly the same. It might be two months, or more, before you see a particular card again. We have vowed not to sell more than six of each card per year. Checklists are available on our website.

Perhaps you've enjoyed some of our other projects, including cult favorite Helmar Big League Brew (winner of the Gold Medal at the 2005 World Beer Festival). Another popular project was making Helmar Potato Chips & Caramel Corn. Those snack products featured the well-known series of Helmar Famous Athletes trading cards (which are often found on eBay offered by other sellers).

Helmar is devoted to creating cards that echo a time when collecting wasn't about the condition of the card, but about the essence of the player, his team, the era that the card represents, the beauty of the card, and what it all means to the collector. We hope that you win the Helmar cards that you will be bidding on. We believe that you will treasure them forever.

Charles Mandel, President
Helmar Brewing Co.

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