Henn Pottery Emerald Medium Pasta Bowl NEW Made in USA

Wait until you see the light dance off of the deep glaze of this big, gorgeous hand-finished bowl!

It is going to be beautiful filled with FRUIT in the center of your table, SALAD, PASTA, STEW, GOURDS or PINE CONES. Float some candles in it! You will LOVE it all year 'round! I already have two so I know!

You can bake an oven stew right in this bowl, put it on a trivet and serve it at the table! That's because this pottery is oven safe, dishwasher safe, etc! (Do not put it on the stovetop!) I use their dishes for my everyday dishes and they are restaurant quality chip-free! This bowl's quality is beyond and above any of the cheap stuff you'll find in discount stores!

These bowls are some of the last pottery pieces left that were still made in the USA! This one is new, as you can see in the picture. T is a tiny blemish, which is a slightly LESS THAN 1/16 OF AN INCH IN DIAMETER in the bowl. The underside is pristine, except for the unglazed foot (they have to hold it somew!). This is a product of the Workshops of Gerald Henn of Warren, Ohio, and was made at their Ohio pottery plant.

9 1/2 inches across

64 ounces

Insurance is optional, purchased by the buyer at a rate determined by the buyer.