Henry Engineering Matchbox II Interface Amplifier

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THE MATCHBOX II is an active interface amplifier that properly interfaces consumer "HiFi" or Semi-Professional
(IHF standard) audio equipment with professional studio gear. THE MATCHBOX II is a bi-directional unit, with four
independent amplifiers providing stereo input and output audio interface. Two amplifiers convert a stereo IHF HI-Z
unbalanced source to LO-Z balanced outputs at studio level. A second pair of amplifiers convert a stereo balanced
studio line source to unbalanced IHF compatible outputs. All four output levels are adjustable. The special "HI
GAIN" mode increases the system gain to accommodate exceptionally low unbalanced levels. All circuitry is active
and direct-coupled for absolute sonic transparency, making THE MATCHBOX II ideal for use with digital sources
such as DAT recorders and computer-based digital audio editing systems.
1. Connect the IHF INPUTs of the Matchbox II to the outputs of an unbalanced device, e.g., the
"line outputs" of a DAT recorder.
2. Connect the IHF OUTPUTs of the Matchbox II to the inputs of an unbalanced
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