Henry Nock flintlock pocket pistol LONDON

This is a Henry Nock flintlock pistol made in LONDON England circa 1790. The brass boxlock is stamped H.NOCK on one side and LONDON on the other. Proof marks appear under the screw-off barrel. The gun is in working order with a half-cock position and a full cock position. The gun does not go on safety from half cock though but rather there is a switch that you push forward on top which prevents the hammer from being cocked in the first place. The pistol has a tight frizen and even a flint. The action is tight also and not sloppy or loose at all. Henry Knock was a fairly famous and quality gun maker and one of his guns appears in the 'SHARPE' 95th rifles series of films starring Sean Bean. I have been told that the term 'knock -off' is derrived from the fact that many makers copied these guns at the time and were termed 'knock-offs' referring to their lesser quality. S&H to states is $10.00, insurance extra. I accept cash, BIDPAY or m.o. NO PAYPAL Sorry. Please see the other similar items that I have up for sale.