Henry V Silver Halfpenny c.1413 - 1422. Details Below

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A fairly rare piece, possibly dating form the later part of Henry V's reign (1991 Seaby, 1795, class D). Obverse and reverse type of the King's head and the cross and pellets are easily visible. To the right of the bust, next to the hair, is a broken annulet device.

Probaly London mint, Obverse legend (around th King's head) may have read HENRIC REX ANGL (Henry King of England). The reverse legend probably read CIVI/TAS/LON/DON (City of London)

Coin weight is 0.4g approx. Condition: Clipped and cracks to flan (best seen on second image top right quarter). No holes or plugs. Text to legend on both sides are barely discernable, part of the word CIVITAS can be assumed from the bottom of the second image.

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